I am new to BESPOKE attire and am not sure of the process.
This is about YOU and YOU only. All your requirements with your lifestyle, diet, preferences, physique and budget will be discussed and your visiting tailor will provide experienced guidance through the process. You will be advised on cloth choice, design, shape and cut. The visiting tailor will take numerous measurements off you, allowing us to form your garments (any areas of your person that may be of concern to you will be measured and factored into your form). We will also use any references you may have that you wish to replicate. The entire process will not be tedious and we assure you of an efficient and rapid meeting.

Will my visiting tailor consult with me at my home or office?
The consultations are always made at a venue and time of your choice. An appointment will have to be made in advance. If the meeting is held at your place of work, you will be required to have a private space reserved.

What if I am irregular in size?
No need to worry! This is our forté. Since BESPOKE clothing is exactly that - BESPOKE, we create pieces that are constructed around you, instead of being “off-the-peg” where you have to make do with something that just does not sit right. Tight collars, long sleeves, short legs etc can immediately become a thing of the past. We cater for clients who are unable to find attire to fit them as their proportions may be larger or smaller than normal. Tall, Slim, Stout, Portly, Outsized, Corpulent, Large and Short people need not worry, as we are able to craft garments to fit them.

Do I have a choice of styles, fabrics and trims and would I be able to select different collars, cuffs, pockets or other unique features for my clothes?
Yes, your clothes are crafted to your exacting specifications. You will be offered a wide range of fabrics, lining and styles to choose from including a variety of collars, cuffs, pockets, embroideries and even personalised labels. Bespoke Attire, London, endeavours to provide you with attire that not only suits you but your profession as well. Court Shirts for Barristers. City Collars for Bankers and English Cut Suits are part of our offering. No request is beyond our capability.

Does my gender matter?
Not in the least. We cater for both genders.

Do I have to be re-measured every time I order?
Yes. This is to ensure that the measurements taken are accurate at the time you wish to place your order

What if I need alterations made to a garment?
Should the attire ordered require alterations, which generally means tweaking the garments, we will provide the alterations at no extra cost either. If you have severely lost or gained weight between the time you place your order and you receive your garments, you may be liable for the costs of such alterations. This will be at the discretion of your visiting tailor. If you experience any fluctuation in this time, you are advised to immediately relate this information to your visiting tailor. We do not offer an alteration service for clothing not produced by us.

What is the lead time before I receive my garments?
We aim to have your garments delivered to you in 21 days from your confirmation. There are other factors beyond our control that may cause delays, which need to be taken into consideration, however, we endeavour to deliver at the soonest time permissible. An express service is available at an extra charge.

Can I cancel my order?
This can only be done within 24 hours from confirmation and we would appreciate a telephone call immediately, followed up with a written cancellation via email / fax. Any correspondence or communication received outside this window will not be accepted. Any payment received on confirmation will be refunded upon clearance into our account if these conditions are met. No refund will be made if the deadline has passed.

What are my payment options?
Being BESPOKE, your order is specifically crafted for YOU, hence we are not in a position to offer credit. All orders are to be fully paid for, in advance, with your confirmation. Remittance can be made by cash, cheque or bank transfer. Any other charges that may be incurred will be for your account.

Where do you ship to?
Name the place!

Do you visit my city?
Please contact us. Arrangements can be made.

Are references available?
Yes, please click here to visit our "Testimonial" page. Should you wish to speak to a contributor, please contact us, so we can attain permission from them, before we release their details to you.


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