We specialise in crafting BESPOKE attire for you. Our main aim is to give you access to the best BESPOKE attire, which feature your requests and requirements at affordable prices. You choose the cut, cloth and trims. Your consultant will advise you on how to put all this together in your office, home or location of your choice.

Our service is mobile, which means that your visiting consultant will bring more than 700 suit and shirt fabrics for you to select. Numerous detailed measurements are taken ensuring that the garments are made to your exact specification. You are involved in all decisions and every detail is taken into account.
You can choose to have any embellishment such as labels, embroideries, buttons, pockets, linings and other additions placed on each garment, thus creating attire that is unique to you.

Online Service We do not provide an on-line service as this negates the object of having a personal tailoring service.

The only membership you require is to your own style.

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